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Flavors from Home

The story of Brazi Bites starts in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2009. I was having serious cravings for Pão de Queijo, my country’s most popular snack food.

Belo Horizonte

The Family Recipe

It’d been four years since I’d moved to the U.S. to be with my husband Cameron, so I called my mother in Brazil and asked for our family recipe. She was excited and quick to share the family secrets that made “the perfect cheese bread.” Cameron and I made our first batch in our home kitchen that summer.

Playing with Cheese

There was just one problem: the most important ingredient from my family’s recipe, “Minas” cheese, was not available in the U.S. So we spent months trying countless cheeses, hoping to re-create the taste we loved. Finally, one day in the spring of 2010, the most delicious cheese bread we’d ever tasted came out of the oven – it was so good that we literally devoured the whole tray in minutes!

Brazi Bites Cheese
Brazi Bites Trade Show

The Ah-ha Moment

We were excited to share our creation with everyone, so we signed up for our first local food show. For two days before the show, we stayed up all night rolling thousands of pieces of cheese bread by hand but it simply wasn’t enough.

The response was totally overwhelming and we sold out halfway through the show! At that point, we knew we had something special…

Brazi Bites Soldout
Brazi Bites Us


Our little cheese bread experiment became our passion, and now Brazi Bites can be found in thousands of stores across the U.S. We’re as excited as we were the moment that first batch came out of the oven in our home kitchen. One bite and you’ll understand why!

Happy Eating!
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